*************The Dark kNight*************

I have met the dark night.

Only now as it passes have I glimpsed It’s shadows.

One false turn;

A prick of thorn amongst a garden of Roses,

and the Sun dropped from the evening sky.


 My sight was fixated upon the wound.

I’m unsure of whether past or present, but my vision was surly clouded with fear.

I now sit with Joy as the Light spills in;

Dawn has arrived.

My fear of the darkness was just that,

Fear of darkness.

There is no real danger,

Only Opportunity.


To throw ourselves into, and begin again.

Take stock,

Burn what is of no use,

Carry what is Sacred,

And revel in the Blessings to shed some weight;

Not all are born with such a Nature.

I Am Strong.

I Am Disciplined.

I Am Winning this War;

Because I Am a Warrior,

And tomorrow is a new day.

7125277039_befcec59cd_bff emblem smallaccept and embrace


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***********Phoenix to the Flame************

I am on the Hero’s Journey.

Ordeal. Death. Rebirth.


Becoming a new self entirely Independent from my last version so I may destroy what was.

A process within that is out growing the old.

A Phoenix to the flame.

The Snake moulting it’s skin.

Locating the Man within.

Finding Independence.

Tapping into the vast power of Masculinity.

Placing roots in grounded foundation.

Beginning again from the core of my existence.

The Warrior within longs to see the light of day.

I am that Warrior.

I am the Phoenix aflame.

I am the One Man army,

With Heart Open Wide.

accept and embraceff emblem small7125277039_befcec59cd_b


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Why are we so invested in ensuring our survival

When we are yet to conceive

Of the purpose

In our existing?

Emphasis small

The latter precedes

The former. Yet we have been so preoccupied

with expanding our comforts

and physical securities

That we have become blind

To Why We Are Here
In the first place!

Traditional-Rose-Tattoo-Painting ff emblem small accept and embrace

Emphasis Written small

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britania 2mb

Sometimes our paths are only wide enough for one.

Though striding hand and hand fills us with Joy, there are some routes we must venture alone.

Braving our own way, creating our own Peace, and reaching an unreasonable happiness that is ours alone.

This is the selfless act of Courage that Truly allows paths to converge.

In their own time.

Accept & Embrace

Here & Now

accept and embraceff emblem smallTraditional-Rose-Tattoo-Painting

Conjunctio Hand Written

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Rock bottom with Heaven’s High

Hammock Hanging

Comes and goes, Comes and goes

friends and foes, friends and foes

Comes and goes, Comes and goes

The brightest days, and most painful woes

Comes and goes, comes and goes

What one does think, one does not know

Comes and goes, comes and goes

Beneath our feet, between our toes

Comes and goes, Comes and goes

A scent so dear, beneath our nose

Comes and goes, Comes and goes

If not right here, then what is chose?

Breathing Deep;




Rock bottom with Heaven’s High

In this place rests all things;

Perfect Balance.

I am one, and one is all…

Our Illusions crumble, crash, and fall

There are no friends, there are no foes

Still it

Comes and goes, Comes and goes.

ff thumb

comes and goes written

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The Choices we make,

The Actions we take,

And the Frequencies we allow to Resonate,

Determine the layer or reality from where our Perceptions Now originate.

Ten thousand and one things,

All sharing space,

All existing at once,

All in this same place.

Just like all these things, we are one in the same,

Ten thousand and one places.

Ten thousand and one planes.

There are endless expressions of this one single self,

One thousand levels of sickness.

One thousand levels of health.


We are only bound to this moments experience by each foot step that we take.

We can choose to walk Authentic,

Or we can tread a path we deeply feel to be fake.

Each step in each moment,

Placed upon a ladder in the sky.

Each step in each moment,

Contemplate where we are now going,

And ‘why?’

Each step in each moment,

A finite expression of this one single self.

Each step in each moment,

‘Shall I choose sickness?’

‘Shall I choose health?’

Each step in each moment we are staring at a path to pick.

Allowing space, inner feeling begins to rise.

Let it build into a Knowing.

Let this be our Rhetoric.

To Brothers and Sisters I pray you stand proud.

With each step in each moment, while our actions speak loud.

Our worlds are a product of these choices,

Noting comes about by chance.

If we wish to change the world we’re in,

It all begins with this glance.

Set eyes upon new horizons,

Visualize this new found way.

Stepping forward onto new ground,

Truly Living,



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Posted by Logan - June 3, 2015 at 21:29

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the elements

So we are all individuals, separate and unique. We are our self and nothing more.

Like a leaf that has fallen to the ground below. Alone. Flowing where the wind may guide us.


We may travel many a mile in this life, experience hardship and freedoms that paint a spectrum as wide as our perspective once was.


Way back before the fall, before the every day grind of physical life.  Back when we were tapped in, connected, part of the whole; Leaves upon the tree.


Bathing in the Light. Truly living in Abundance. Way out at the very tip, the highest point of our tree. The highest point of our existence.


Part of the branch. Part of the trunk. Part of the roots. Part of the Earth. Soaking in every element, embodying. One with it all.   When we fall as leaves and seemingly become all alone, we are no less part of the tree.


It takes many days, many moons, many seasons. We may crisp in the summer sun, chip in the fall winds, compress under the blanket of winter, and sog in the rains of spring, but we must go through it all. Each step wearing down the self. Decomposing our physical incarnation. So that we may become basic once again.


Leaving this body, to embody the elements. Becoming the Earth, the Air, Water, and Fire. Becoming one with it all so that we may begin again.


We are now the leaf.

We are tomorrows experience of flowing in the wind.

We are next years soil.

Together with source again, we are next centuries tree.

We are the beginning and the end.

We are everything between.

We are the all of it all.

We can not be alone.

We can tap in.

We can become connected.

And we can bathe in the Light of Abundance, any time we choose.



The hardest part is becoming transparent as the leaf so we, as the Sun, may shine through.


Sending my Love to you. Shine on my friend. =)

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Twenty Seven C


New Article up on site exclusively over at RogueMag UK Check it out! Feel the vibes! Like Comment and Share the Love my friends! Much Love =)

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From the Ashes

Standing buff; my arms stretched wide,
Palms open to these darkened skies.

With static in the air, a crackle sounds.
Energies are high.


Flash! Darkness lifts,
and I am struck; as another dagger flies.
It’s all too much.
I’ve been consumed.
This is one too many times.

My flesh gives way to searing heat and muscles begin to boil.
With steam now pouring from this mass,
Thin strands all snap and coil.

Still breathing slow
Hot air floods in
and cause my lungs to pop.

Still standing tall,
But I’m swaying now,
Onto my knees I drop.

The flames take hold,
Burning bold
Till I am nothing left but ash.

From chaos to peace;
I’m now Home,
But even this quickly passed.

My purpose is not yet complete,
And like the earth with seed beneath,
I must push towards the Light.

A Presence that I cannot touch,
She whispers soft but offers much, ‘From these ashes, you’ll take flight.’

Cannot let it be,
For thy soul to rest tonight.

Embers stoke,
And with a flash,
The Phoenix spreads it’s wings for flight.

A Warrior awakes from his deep sleep,
Soul now burning bright.
The True Master of transformation,
His gaze becomes ignite.

I’m sending this one out to anyone who may have lost their Warrior within at some point along their journey. We all stand alone as our own entities, and sometimes it takes falling to ashes before we can remember that true power we possess within. To my friends: May your soul ignite, and may you gain back that intensity in your gaze that I have recently come to know once again. Love and Energy going out to each and every one of you! =) Burn bright my friends!

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Posted by Logan - October 17, 2013 at 03:44

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The Masks We Wear

If we can be something but know we are being it, we are no longer defined by that thing.


We aren’t weird; we sometimes just choose to be weird, and at any moment we can choose to stop being weird. It is less a definition of Who We Are and more definitive of what role we are choosing to play.

You see, Life is an act. The characters we choose to play in each moment aren’t always Who We Are, but through consistent role play, it may be how others expect us to be. A character data base if you will.

Don’t play the victim, play the Hero.

Our characters may not define who we Truly are, but they will define the experiences we manifest. For every act-tion there is an equal and opposite re-act-tion. The role we play determines the scene, and in doing so it can determine the roles to choose from for others around us.

So much Love! And in Thanks giving fashion; I am Truly Grateful to have each and every one of you share these words with me.

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Posted by Logan - October 14, 2013 at 17:23

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