If you’re feeling pain, you’re living right.

street performer 4

Pain is a force at play in all our lives.

A force as natural as life itself.

Gravity pulling the apple from It’s branch unto the ground.

The Tides flooding in, only to recede once more.

Pain stripping us down to necessity when our carriages are heaping with the load we’ve become use to pulling.

Pain exposes what is real, what matters, and what was being overlooked.

Pain drags us from our fairy tales and leaves us lying in the dirt at the feet of the moment.

Pain takes many forms, but we all feel it.

To accept life, is to accept pain.

Life hurts,

A lot,

and the more intensely lived the life, the more intense the pain.

But it’s worth it.

We’re still here,

Mostly unsure why…….

but we remain.

Because each of us knows that the pain felt from a thousand wounds inflicted through this lifetime, pale in comparison to one genuine moment of Joy.

Of exultation.

Alone, or shared.

One moment when we open up and life enters,

filling us so fully that we feel as if we are going to burst!

And we do…….

We laugh! We shake…We run, we jump,

Or we cry…

Because this feeling is So Beautiful…….

So Fulfilling, so whole,

That it can not be kept in!

It must release, it must be shared…….


If you’re feeling pain, you’re living right.

You’re open to the forces of life.

Hold on, keep letting them in.

You never know when Joy will place her feet upon your door step.


When we glimpse the immense beauty of a moment, 


When we glimpse the immense beauty of a moment,  we are viewing life stripped naked.It’s bare skin exposed to our view.

Two real things, no longer with things between.  Beauty seeing beauty, perhaps for the first time.

Raw, real, free. Both reaching the natural state on an understanding so complete in itself that it is not known, but felt.

It is experienced.

It’s is lived.


To know Beauty we must first be Beautiful… Full of Beauty.

And when one is,

One Knows,


Live Life


Fear is the Icy Build Up That Aims to Hold All in Place.

To Stop the Motion of the World. To Cease the Flow of Life Itself.

Death Resting It’s Icy Hand Upon Life’s Young Shoulder, Building a Moment of Uncertainty, Freezing Us in our Tracks.

We Are Life.

At Our Cores, And In Quiet Moments of introspection, We May Even Feel It, And Know It to be True.

But Like the Adventure of Life Itself, Those Moments Are Fleeting… Few and Far Between At Best.

Even Though We may Be Life At Our Cores, There is so much More To Be Around Us, And Outside of Us.

So Much More to See, Do, Have and to Hold.

To Sit Alone on Foreign Shores. To Stand on Stage and Be BOLD.

Though We May Seem to be Moving, It is Possible that we Are Actually Standing in Place.

Fear Frozen With Icy Illusions. Not Allowing A Moment for Ourselves to Face.

The Fact that all this Movement wasn’t Going Towards a Place, But it was Running ‘Round in Circles, Afraid of Our OWN SPACE.

Afraid of Life. Afraid to Live. ‘It’s so much Easier to Run’. ‘Why look to where we’re going?’ ‘I do this cause it’s fun’.

I’ve had Fun Become a Great Excuse and So Many of My Years have Flown Past, But as I Sit Here and Write I Must Admit; That the Feeling Fun Lends Has Never Come to Last.

I Am Always Left an Empty Pit, That Never Seems to Fill. Unless I Take What’s Deep Inside and Work to Make It Real.

Death Has It’s Boney Hand Upon My Shoulder and I Can Feel the Icy Fear Arise, But I Will Not Turn and Loose Focus.

Upon My Work. Upon My Life…

I’m Placing All my Efforts Into The Focus Of My Gaze.

I’m Truly Feeling Whole, I Find Purpose, As I Place These Words Upon This Page.

The Smell of Rose in Our Nose…

Highs and Lows,

Highs and lows… line and shadows

Highs and Lows,

Highs and lows…

Seems to be the way it goes.

One moment it’s beautiful fragrance is tickling your nose…

The next, a bloody finger,

We’ve found the sharp side of the rose.

street performer

Ups and downs, Ups and downs,

We climb so high, yet still hit the ground.

While we’re up the views can fill us to the top,

While we’re down we think; ‘What’s the use? Let’s just stop…’

Life is easiest when we’re at the peaks,

The smell of rose in our nose,

and the setting sun’s gentle rays upon our cheeks.

street performer 2

‘We have it all!’

‘We’ve got it made!’

But just like the rays of the setting sun…

It can be hard to see our Joy,

The moment we’re cast in  SHADE.


Light a torch!

Bring a lamp!

The time we use in preparation for moments of darkness

is equivelent to the time we will spend in the shade thinking

 ‘We CAN’T!’

The skills we hone become our light.

The soothing glow of a fire, throughout the night.

They can keep us warm, and push back the fears,

taking off the painful edge of cold, and help ward off the tears.

But honing skills is one of many acts to choose.

We can use moments to sharpen our axe,

or let it rust away,

while we time abuse.

street performer 4

A man sits alone, in darkness,


He listens to his mind at race

street performer 3

 Another man sits alone, in darkness,


a fire’s gentle glow upon his face

We Are as Good as Dead



Lack of attachment,

And making the most of what is in front of us,

life through the window



Lack of attachment,

And making the most of what is in front of us,

while working only with what is at hand.

Some call it ‘going with the flow’…

I call it being Alive.

geese man and crags

When we are not grounded in the moment,

and our minds are adrift on the currents of past and future,

We are as good as dead.

Dead to those around us, dead to the beauty happening within our reach,

Dead to the endless current of Happiness and Joy forever flowing in this time and place.

lillies on the water

It is as if we have already passed

– ON –

Done with this experience and moved to another.

But really, we are just shut

– OFF –

We are Shut out, and Shut down,

Turned off of the moment,

Turned on by the thought of something else . . .

Golden hour in the Hills

Something more,

Something better,

Or perhaps the pending disaster of something worse.

Either way, we are off running,

in the shoes of the mind.

Either way, we are on a trip,

‘Anywhere but here is fine!’



We must arrive!

There is no such thing as time!

While we’re off with our minds,

Running . . .

We could be standing,



Cals floating calm

No longer dead to those around,

but waking up to


cals happy

a conduit for Joy and Love


– UP –



Obtaining Happiness Begins with Realizing We Already Have It

Happiness only exists in solitude.

DSC_8044 small

Happiness only exists in solitude.

To be alone and conjure Happiness is a blessing.

Happiness is a state that begins within, and rises.

As it is practiced, it fills us furthermore.

DSC_8085 small

Through many moons and celebrations of birth into this plane, our practice of happiness fills us to the top.

DSC_8069 small

From there it spills out upon the world around us,

leaving all with a gentle dew,

made perfect to catch the light,

adding wonder and Joy to where ever we may be.

DSC_8075 small

When we look back upon these places and people,

With their wondrous glows,

And are in awe of the Happiness that we once felt in their presence.

— We can Appreciate —

DSC_7635 small

That it was the spilling over of our own Happiness,

From within,

DSC_7721 small

Which lent them radiance,

And allowed them

~ To Catch the Light ~

DSC_7730 small


The Repercussion Of Inaction

Here or there. Today or tomorrow. 

Whether we believe it to be possible, or not.

DSC_6821 small

Here or there.

Today or tomorrow.

Whether we believe it to be possible, or not.

Without action upon our ideals,

All but one possibility is lead to death.

We stay.

We do not go.

We do not see.

We do not be.

Stagnant we become.

DSC_6821 small

Following through with the same dead routine.

Looking out upon the world.

Looking out upon the blur of life,

as it streaks across our viewing glass.

Awaiting our last day to arrive.

We are all human.

We are all going to fall.

We are all going to fail.

But we all get to choose whether to roll,

or to thud.

Whether to carry our momentum,

keep moving, or to be stuck.

A life lived is one full of energy,

A life lived is one full of motion,

A life lived is one full of momentum, forward…

Being human, falling, and failing, are intrinsic to life.

But with this experience also comes opportunity;

Action or Inaction.

To Roll or to thud.

To look to the Stars, or to look to the mud.

STARS small

Obstacles are intrinsic.

Action is not.

Begin again.

Begin again.

Begin again.



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