Obtaining Happiness Begins with Realizing We Already Have It

Happiness only exists in solitude.

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Happiness only exists in solitude.

To be alone and conjure Happiness is a blessing.

Happiness is a state that begins within, and rises.

As it is practiced, it fills us furthermore.

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Through many moons and celebrations of birth into this plane, our practice of happiness fills us to the top.

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From there it spills out upon the world around us,

leaving all with a gentle dew,

made perfect to catch the light,

adding wonder and Joy to where ever we may be.

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When we look back upon these places and people,

With their wondrous glows,

And are in awe of the Happiness that we once felt in their presence.

— We can Appreciate —

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That it was the spilling over of our own Happiness,

From within,

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Which lent them radiance,

And allowed them

~ To Catch the Light ~

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The Repercussion Of Inaction

Here or there. Today or tomorrow. 

Whether we believe it to be possible, or not.

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Here or there.

Today or tomorrow.

Whether we believe it to be possible, or not.

Without action upon our ideals,

All but one possibility is lead to death.

We stay.

We do not go.

We do not see.

We do not be.

Stagnant we become.

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Following through with the same dead routine.

Looking out upon the world.

Looking out upon the blur of life,

as it streaks across our viewing glass.

Awaiting our last day to arrive.

We are all human.

We are all going to fall.

We are all going to fail.

But we all get to choose whether to roll,

or to thud.

Whether to carry our momentum,

keep moving, or to be stuck.

A life lived is one full of energy,

A life lived is one full of motion,

A life lived is one full of momentum, forward…

Being human, falling, and failing, are intrinsic to life.

But with this experience also comes opportunity;

Action or Inaction.

To Roll or to thud.

To look to the Stars, or to look to the mud.

STARS small

Obstacles are intrinsic.

Action is not.

Begin again.

Begin again.

Begin again.



No Matter What You Do Today…

Happiness. Fulfillment. Love.


No matter what you do today…

Do it with the burning passion of a thousand Suns.

Place the total sum of your being into whatever is before you;

Singing a song, Breaking through plateaus, or tying your shoe.

Give it everything you have,

Leave nothing behind,

And I promise you;

Happiness. Fulfillment. Love…

Will be all that remains.

What are we then? If not the thoughts within our own skulls?

We are not the voices in our heads


We are not the voices in our heads.

A take on the physiology of the brain:

Spinal column, fish brain, reptilian brain, avian brain; and the final frontal cortex, the mammalian brain. A perfect mess.


Each a unit operating with independence.

Each a step in evolution,

Of physical form,

Of Consciousness.

Each a part, operating with independence from the others,

but coming together to form a union,

reaching an agreement,

as the intelligence behind our unit.


This unit is our physiology.

This organism formed in union is our body.

Would we not all agree that there are intelligences at work within us that we know nothing of?

We do not need to ask our blood to flow,

our stomachs to digest,

nor our wounds to heal…

They do it for us.

Billions of years of consciousness moving through form.


Natural selection, genetic evolution,

Whatever it took to survive.

Whatever worked best.

They are what they had to be.

They operate for us, but are not under our command.

They each have a function,

They each have a purpose,

They each have a voice.

All these tiny voices pulling us each and every way.

All the tiny voices; ‘You should go!’ “You should stay!”


What are we then? If not the thoughts within our own skulls?


We are the Silence between.

We are the hearer of voices,

We are Presence observing it all unfold.

These voices will go on telling stories until the end of time,

But it is up to us, centred in this new found Presence, 

to choose whether to listen.

THE SILENCE Behind it all….

We are not the voices in our heads,

We are the space that allows them voice.

-SPACE that allows them VOICE-


These Small Victories are What the Day is Made Of

The day is composed of many small victories.

Rope and Soil Detail

The day is composed of many small victories.

Each one of them first conceived in thought,

Then through action and focused attention, they are brought to life.

If we choose to take note of these victories,

Both in Thought and Spirit,

We grow.

Consciously realizing our own process of Creation.

 Joshua Tree

For me …

This is a very fulfilling way to be.

Taking a moment,

Here and now,

To appreciate the close of one chapter,

and the Embarkment upon the next.

Joshua Tree Detail

Lighting the stove.

Allowing time to boil, as well to steep.

When we breathe in the scent of our creation,

As it first touches our lips,

Then we drink it in.

Becoming lost in the process as it unfolds.

Only to Enjoy the last draw,

As we realize it such,

Knowing the process has reached completion.


Peel peel peel

Breathe in …


… Ahh …

These small victories are what the day is made of. 


One Who Surrenders All

What is Strength? Rock? Steel? Ore?


What is strength?

Rock? Steel? Ore?

Why does rigid come to mind?

Does resistance not lead to a breaking point?

Then; True strength must flow, bend, evolve.

Strength is like water.


But keen eyes can see that over time,

Even rock will yield to water.

Moving, Flowing, Free,

Following the path of least resistence.

Always searching lowly ground.

Three points of light

The anti-pedistal.

The anti-ego.

Most Humble movement.

Wise enough to know that superiority is a fruitless labour;

Only a red flag to weakness.

Humility takes great strength.

Humility takes great surrender.

One who surrenders all,

Aligns with the forces of the Universe.

Nathan amongnst the Beauty

One who surrenders all,

Allows the worlds to direct them,

Shape them,

Transform them into something more,

One who surrenders all,

Becomes the strength of all Existence.

Moss on the Rock

-Be like water my friend-

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